As Boadicea charges into its second decade as an exploration company, its growing portfolio of lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper and gold exploration projects are catapulting the company into a significant landholder of tenements which are prospective for the minerals to fuel the new world.

Boadicea has aligned its exploration strategy with four of the key EV metals, namely, copper, nickel, cobalt and now lithium.  The BOA exploration metals are forecast to have the following demand growth until 2030[1];

Demand growth until 2030

Nickel: 5.2x

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Cobalt: 1.5x

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Lithium: 5.3x

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Copper: 5.5x

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Boadicea’s outstanding portfolio of tenements and highly-driven board, places it in a class of its own as it embarks on an ambitious exploration program which is set to deliver a significant upside to shareholders.

The Boadicea benchmark

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 set the benchmark: COP26 targets require 7 million tonnes of lithium, 5 million tonnes of nickel sulphate each year by 2040.

Boadicea’s portfolio of tenements are positioned for discovery to fuel the world’s growing green energy needs.

Backed by a high-achieving board that has already cut its first deal to shareholders in 2020 by inking the deal with IGO and being one of a rare group of junior explorers that has paid a dividend, the next decade for Boadicea is shaping up to reap even more significant benefits for shareholders.

The company will be the one to watch as it advances exploration on its tenements. In particular its lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt and gold tenements, together with their location in the hottest exploration regions in Australia, sees Boadiciea’s  upside reinforced with the trifecta to drive exploration success – good locations, the right commodities and a highly-driven board.

[1] Source:  IGO Presentation, 2 September 2021