Transline Tenements

The Transline group of tenements consists of 4 tenements located in the central Fraser Range and more importantly to the west and south of Legend Mining’s Mawson nickel-copper discovery.  All these tenements form part of the IGO agreement.

Figure 1 IGO Exploration Targets – BOA’s Transline Tenements

Key targets include the investigation of an elliptical magnetic eye feature (Ballast Eye) on BOA’s prospective E28/2849 (Transline) tenement near the Legend Mining “Mawson” discovery.  Nova-Bollinger has an elliptical, ‘eye-shaped’ expression in magnetic imagery due to the upper mafic/ultramafic intrusive complex, and therefore the Ballast Eye prospect provides an exciting target for Nova-Bollinger style mineralisation.

IGO have a proposed work programs and targets on E28/2866, E28/2888, E28/2849, E28/2937 (Transline group of tenements).  Following heritage agreements and surveys, IGO intends to complete MLEM surveys and AC drilling on other BOA tenements.

Transline North – E28/2849 (100% owned)

Transline North covers an area of 84km2 and is located 10km to the east of Legend Mining’s Mawson nickel-copper discovery.

Transline South – E28/2866 (100% owned)

Transline South covers an area of 38km2 and is located 30km south-west of  Legend Mining’s massive Mawson nickel-copper discovery.

Transline West 1 – (E28/2888)

Transline West 1 covers and area approximately 21km2 and is located in the northern portion of the Fraser Gravity Ridge. The licence was previously held by Legend Mining’s Rockford Project and was relinquished due to statutory obligations.

Transline 2 (E28/2895)

Transline 2 spans across 38km2 and is positioned adjacent to Transline West 1 and the Transline North tenements. The licence previously formed part of Legend Mining’s Rockford Project that was relinquished due to statutory obligations.