National Reconciliation

Making changes every day for an equal future

Boadicea Resources embraces National Reconciliation with the Traditional Owners and accepts the challenge to Be Brave every week of the year to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians.

As a junior minerals explorer operating in remote but culturally significant regions it is our honour and privilege to learn about the shared history, culture and achievements of our First Nation People.

We actively explore not only for resources but how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

Boadicea Resources acknowledges the Ngadju People, Untiri Pulka, the Martu People, Nagurrara People, the Jangga People, the Birriah People, and the Tagalaka People on whose lands we have been provided the privilege to explore to grow the resources for all Australians to benefit.

In our commitment to socially responsible exploration, Boadicea Resources has embarked on the journey of establishing a formal statement of commitment to reconciliation. In collaboration with the First Nation People we endeavour to develop initiatives to unite Australians and recognise the endeavours of the First People of our nation.

Our journey has clear objectives to unite people of all races and identify opportunities to advance the lives of First Nation People within the communities in which Boadicea explores.

As Boadicea grows its exploration endeavours across Australia, the company’s vision is to embrace and connect with communities promoting inclusion of all races and creating outcomes that drive harmony and drive prosperity.

Boadicea undertakes to protect heritage sites in accordance with State and Commonwealth legislation. Under the guidance of the relevant Acts of Parliament, we will conduct archaeological and anthropological studies in order to identify sites of cultural significance to ensure their protection and preservation and avoid accidental damage to those sites.

We will ensure that our employees and contractors approach the Company’s activities at culturally significant sites with understanding and recognition of the desire of the First Nation People to fulfil their responsibilities within their traditional culture.

Boadicea has a strong commitment to supporting the three pillars of RAP – relationships, respect and opportunities.

Our company and each of our staff are encouraged to grow relationships with First Nation People, respect the contribution they have made to our country and recognise their cultural heritage and status as the First People of Australia