Boadicea is well-positioned in its quest to be an explorer of metals to fuel a greener world. In the Paterson Province, Boadicea is exploring for copper-gold on its Koongulla tenements which are displaying signs of a Telfer dome look-a-like structure.

Boadicea is well-funded to undertake drilling of its Koongulla tenements in its quest to be the next major discovery in the Paterson Province.

The outlook for copper

By mid-2023, copper demand is expected to outstrip supply due to a rebound in economic activities bolstered by expanding COVID-19 vaccination programs worldwide.

In 2021, copper reached a staggering US$4.72 per pound (or well in excess of US$10,000 per tonne). This was due to China’s rebound and exchange inventories hitting a 47-year low.

Other factors which will contribute to copper’s continuing stellar performance in the future, include the fact that this bellwether metal is vital in the global push for a greener world.

A recent report by Goldman Sachs names coppers as the “new oil”.